Build your healthy lifestyle

Asehaa helps you to lead a healthy and happy life

Healthy Lifestyle

According to Asehaa philosophy, healthy lifestyle comprises of three key components


Proper 7-8 hours of sleep, stress free living, good deeds and gratitude

Healthy Eating

No junk food, proper mix of proteins, carbohydrate and fats and no smoking

Physical Exercise

Various types of exercises to increase stamina, strength, endurance and flexibilty

The Asehaa Way of Life

We understand people and motivate them to lead a healthier, happier life


We work with you to understand your goals and expectations from a super awesome, best in class, fun and engaging not just a typical corporate wellness program


We assess ALL your individual employees' overall wellness status, health and fitness motivations, personality traits and interests


We accordingly segment your employees and create various fun and engaging fitness programs and games as per their needs and interests


We execute these programs and games based on our motivational framework, with help of our interconnected wellness ecosystem

Asehaa's Motivation Framework

We developed a rigorous framework to motivate users to perform the wellness activities

Personal Growth

Measurable improvement over-time leading to health and happiness

Gift & Rewards

Cash and goods incentives for developing healthy, fitter habits

Societal Importance

Be connected to the society, network and contribute to its betterment


Trust in the guidance of individuals or systems to strive for improvement

Asehaa's Wellness Ecosystem

We have developed a rigorous framework to motivate users to perform the wellness activities

Physical Activities

Various modalities of fitness ranging from Cardio to Body-Weight, Yoga, Calisthenics, Dance, Zumba, Weight Training and Sports


What to eat, when, in what quantities and how. From Nutritionists to Dieticians, Healthy Food Companies to Food Supplement Organizations.

Health Care

Doctors, Labs, Physiotherapists and Wellness Centers for lifestyle treatments to cure diseases and take preventive steps against hereditary problems

Mental Wellness

Essentials of mental and spiritual balance with self-help coaches, personal grooming trainers and psychologists

Benefits for


Better Communication


Increased Productivity

Enhanced Engagement Levels

Multiple Location Support

Less Sickness

Cost Reduction

Connected Organization

Motivated Employees

Reduced Stress

Benefits for


Improved Health paramerters

Weight Loss/Gain

Improved Self Esteem Confidences

Enhanced Team Spririt

Faster, More Active and Driven

Improved Energy & Focus